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SmartMatch: the most efficient way to align your data.
Find Matches. Find Gaps.

Data matching is a complex business. So many of our clients get caught in the manual matching trap, after failing to align their data successfully through simpler methods. We have developed a technology that can help your data match in a truly efficient way.

SmartMatch is typically used by customers who are matching their data with trading partners or who are moving through a company acquisition. Our clients find that our SmartMatch tool speeds up their process and considerably reduces their resource usage.

By leveraging SmartMatch, our clients can quickly move on to the more important work of optimizing pricing accuracy, improving operational efficiency, and driving profitability.

Our playbook allows for a variety of rules and definitions. But what makes SmartMatch unique is the exceptional interface. If you want to make sure you are capturing every single potential match between a trading partner’s data or an acquisition’s data while simultaneously minimizing the number of false positives, talk to us.



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