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With ProfitOptics, you get a true partner in solving business problems with software. Our relationships and our values drive our culture and our work. Leverage our expert teams to innovate and drive results – at a predictable cost. Try ProfitOptics and get real results. 
Exposing Missing GP$ for a Distribution Giant
A $2B distribution customer with more than 200,000 customers (ship-tos) and 250,000 items tried to implement a homegrown “optimal price” solution. Unfortunately, after a lot of time and money, they were left with an inflexible solution that could not scale. They turned to ProfitOptics for a solution. In three months, our MarginAnalyzer was installed and enabled the company to recognize an additional $10M/year in GP$’s over the course of four years. Subsequently, they moved away from their own system entirely, implementing the ProfitOptics Price Module. As a result, the company gained:
$10M/year in Actual Benefit
More Flexibility to Define Segments and Manage Exceptions
Overall Improvement of the User Experience
Actual Realization of the Benefits of an “Optimal Price” Model
What Makes ProfitOptics different?
There are a lot of IT service and software development companies out there that can build you what you think you want. We will help you connect the dots, drive incremental value, and build what you really need, quickly.

For small to medium businesses – how do you innovate with a small team?

Truthfully, it’s really hard, even for the big companies. IT teams have to be laser focused on keeping the lights on and the critical systems humming which leaves real opportunities on the budget cutting floor. With ProfitOptics, you pay for a team of three, get the value of a team of six.

Once you leverage our team, you’ll want support for larger and more complicated questions because we love being accountable and we love it when our customers succeed.
ProfitOptics Recognized by Inc. 5000
ProfitOptics was recently recognized as being one of the Top 5000 fastest growing companies in the US in 2018 by Inc.com.

With a 3 year growth of 124%, ProfitOptics secured a rank of #3179 on this list of thriving and successful small businesses. This is our fourth year in a row being recognized by Inc.com!