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What is a rules engine and what can it do for my business?  

We often use the phrase, “We distill data.” When we refer to “data distillation,” we mean that we filter out non-value-added data in a way that identifies the data elements of the greatest value. That added value can be as simple as providing more meaningful context to important business decisions or identifying specific threats or possible opportunities.

Our highly configurable rules engine allows our clients to build, model, analyze, compare, and continually improve output.

Consider the following example: A client has a rules engine that has 100s of combinations of adjustable conditions and exclusions. As these rules are updated and evolve over time, the result is that the system does more of the work, freeing up manpower to focus on other parts of the business.

When rules engines evolve, they become complex. It is often difficult to determine what would happen if even the smallest rules are changed. Our platform allows for system modeling so that a hypothesis can be quickly tested and a determination made if the proposed rules change will have the desired effect without adversely affecting other areas.


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