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Most companies manage their bottom line with the bottom line.

What do we mean by that?

Consider this: many company leaders look at a report summary and say, “We are up by 10%… that’s good…” and then they do nothing. Or they might say, “We are down by 3%… that’s not good…” and then they make shot-gun decisions. 

We take a different approach by presenting company leaders with information that pin-points areas that are up when the company is down or areas that are down (and trending down) when the overall company is up. We believe that overall company performance is driven by the sum of its parts. And in order to make the best decision, the parts need to be understood.

The ProfitOptics Margin Bridge provides unique insight into the drivers of margin from a cost, price, mix and/or volume perspective, and key dimension levels (customer, vendor, item). Gone are the days of researching and analyzing to answer the question: “Why are we down in margin?” Now you can have all of the facts that explain why your business is down right at your fingertips.

Margin Bridge


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