Health and Technology

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A client in the Health and Technology space was created in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and provides a unique technology platform for organizations that want to re-engage safely and transform their approach to community health. By combining diagnostic services, healthcare technologies, and population health software into a single offering, the client empowers businesses, educational institutions, and healthcare systems to test, monitor, and maintain the health of their communities.


Below is a summary of some of the key features and corresponding benefits:

Protocol EngineAllows an organization to set unique protocols to manage and monitor their user population. This includes assigning daily Health Check tasks, placing users on a regular Covid-19 Test schedule, and moving users through various health statuses based on Covid-19 Test Results and/or vaccination status.
Configurable Health StatusesOrganizations can adopt the standard default Health Statuses or create a unique configuration to meet their needs. In addition, sub-statuses allow an Organization to monitor their user population at a more granular level.
Covid-19 Testing and Vaccine ManagementOrganizations have the ability to order Covid-19 Test Kits for individuals, or they can create a Test Event for administering tests on a larger sample of users. Test Events are highly configurable and allow admins to manage settings such as date/time/location of events, appointments, reminders, and much more.

Vaccination records can be uploaded by users and approved by the Admin. Combined with the powerful protocol engine, vaccinated users can be managed independently from unvaccinated users to meet the Organization’s unique needs.

ReportingStandard reports are available to all Organizations and allow the Admin to view historical testing activity and related results, review user’s Health Check responses, and view details on Test Kit shipments
Membership TiersThe client offers three unique solutions to meet the needs of every individual and organization. Each solution offers a user web application and native mobile application:

1. Basic – for individuals and families. Includes web/mobile application.

2. Plus – for smaller organizations that require fewer customizable features

3. Enterprise – for larger entities that require a highly configurable set of tools. Includes admin portal, web/mobile application.


The client dashboard provides an overview of an Organization’s user population and highlights key health metrics for Admins to monitor.

Health and Technology

Census Page

The client Census page allows an Admin to filter users by various categories including Location, Role, Group, or Tags that may be assigned to a user. From here, the Admin can perform a wide range of actions, such as ordering tests, changing user Health Statuses, and delivering mass communications.

Health and Technology

Web Application

The Order Management page provides an Organization with a high level overview of all test activity. Admins can filter by Test Result, Status, or Laboratory to view specific data sets. After setting filters to capture the desired data, the Admin can then export for reporting purposes.

Health and Technology


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