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Consolidator is a customer relationship dashboard that enables sales representatives to:

  • Quickly understand how their portfolio is performing.
  • Highlight how individual customers are contributing to performance relative to actual sales against previous periods and goals.
  • Dive into purchasing to identify product category and item-specific sales trends details and order supporting history.
  • Review and take action on modeled opportunities, optional Salesforce API integration.

Consolidator processes data from ERP and other key systems to join and simplify data into informational, actionable views creating efficiencies and precision in customer portfolio management. Modeled opportunities offer insights on improving sales performance and customer profitability.

Below is a summary of some of the key features and corresponding benefits:

Book of Business OverviewEvery client with key attributes at your fingertips.
Performance Summary


Updated measurement of key variables against goals to ensure representatives and managers are always on the same page.
Account Summary


Customer-specific sales history provides sales trends for relationship, by product category and item. Links to order system shows transaction details for orders completed and in progress.
Opportunity Dashboard


Customized per client to identify and surface a variety of conditions that are easily acted on by representatives within the Consolidator or via Salesforce API integration.

Above is the Book of Business page providing summary-level data of sales representative’s customer portfolio with searchable, sortable, filterable customer-specific measures. 


Above is the Account Summary page providing categorical and item-level insights into a single customer’s purchasing trends and behavior.


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