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Suggestive Sell Carousels with Integrated Product Feeds

The POCommerce platform comes with native suggestive sell, related item, and embedded product carousels throughout the external eCommerce experience. These can be manually configured, rules-based, or integrated with a product feed from an external data source to ensure the most personalized experience for your customer. The carousels are also available for embedding on the homepage, on product detail pages, within the checkout pages and within content pages, based on your preferences.

Suggestive Sell w: product feeds

Custom Suggestive Sell Carousels

While the native suggestive sell is powerful, we have also worked with several clients to integrate custom logic within their suggestive sell carousels. We do this especially with distributors and manufacturers with large sales teams.

We have developed custom algorithms and data solutions that can look at your large data sets and determine the optimal suggested sell items per customer group. We can help you determine buying patterns, lost items, lost categories, and item swaps and feed that to your sales reps while simultaneously integrating it into your eCommerce platform. We make sure everyone is on the same page by feeding consistent information in consumable formats to the right groups. This makes our custom suggestive sell even more powerful.


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