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Customer Hierarchy Structure

ProfitOptics is well-versed in all manners of accounts that serve the manufacturing and distribution business models. As such, our POCommerce platform is designed to accommodate “Parent”/”Child” & “Bill To”/”Ship To” account structures, account approvers, and specialized account roles for ordering, management, and billing.

ProfitOptics can create custom customer hierarchies for B2B entities that map to the ERP system of record, allowing for complex account structures and including corporate accounts, subsidiaries, or single accounts with multiple users who have different roles.

The native platform comes with B2B account structures enabled, and then our team works with clients to assess what—if any—additional modules or custom functions may be needed.

Custom Parent/Child Account Views & Controls

With complex customers come complex customer roles and controls. The POCommerce platform can enable control at the account level. For example, it allows Parent accounts to view and control product visibility for Child accounts, while Child accounts can be limited in their visibility to their own account or to only parts of their account (i.e. ordering and not billing).

We can create custom views based on your business rules. If you have different scenarios, the platform can be tailored to meet those needs, alleviating manual order management. Pricing engines can also be implemented to ensure the correct account always sees the correct, negotiated pricing.

Custom Parent:Child Account Views and Formulary Functions

Custom Parent/Child Account Formulary Functions

Several customers leveraging the POCommerce platform need to limit the products their order placers can select based on contracts and agreements that afford them preferential pricing.

The POCommerce platform is capable of implementing item limitations or “formularies” at the Bill To or Ship To level. The formulary can be managed by the Bill To customer account owner or by the client account administrator.

Custom Parent:Child Account Views and Formulary Functions

Custom Parent/Child Account Order Approvals

If your complex accounts require the ability for your customers to assign a user to approve orders placed by their own Ship To accounts, ProfitOptics can enable that functionality, including email notifications to customers’ personal workflows, to improve order flow and ensure compliance with ordering policies.


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