Digital Strategy & Experience

We strive to enable operators to achieve higher output with higher quality.


When you open up into an omnichannel strategy, it’s best to start first with a 3-5 year plan that aligns with your wider strategy and then narrow in on the features and highest-priority initiatives that will help you achieve your more immediate goals.

At ProfitOptics, we can offer a full-service digital strategy consulting engagement where we’ll work with you on your short and long term goals and help you architect the right plan to align with that strategy. This can span your website, systems architecture, PIM strategy, digital marketing planning, and operation integration.

Looking at the big picture and how eCommerce aligns with your entire organization can not only help you prioritize the most important drivers, but can also ensure that operational challenges are solved along the way. This way, your key performance indicators can be about both driving revenue and visibility and about dropping profit to the bottom line with operational efficiency and margin capture. This 4-6 week engagement will yield a comprehensive plan of attack.

SEO & Site Search

So many of our clients have deprioritized SEO because, historically, it was thought to be a B2C business game. But every business needs to be discoverable online. As the researchers and buyers for companies and businesses get younger by the day, they are looking online for seamless solutions. They aren’t waiting for a salesperson to come knocking on the door or for a phone call to replenish their supplies.

It’s time to be discoverable online. We can help you set up and implement your initial SEO strategy to enable your team going forward. Whether you’re looking for a local strategy, or something more specific to your niche, we can configure the solution to meet your needs, including algorithmic and database-driven SEO elements that are driven by your PIM. Our team comes from digital marketing and SEO backgrounds, and our platform is built to be search engine friendly. We’re here to help you get off on the right foot.

Mobile Experience

All of our eCommerce products are mobile-friendly and responsive, available for use on desktop, tablet, and smartphone. We also do custom app development services and have an adjacent phone app that can operate as an offline ordering solution for field sales reps that may be in locations with low or no cell service. We believe that a mobile-friendly experience should be table stakes at this point for any eCommerce platform. If a solution isn’t working on all platforms, it’s a non-starter. We can work with you to find the right solution based on your business.

Content Strategy

One of the best ways to connect with your customers and your audience is through relevant and specific content that speaks to your industry and offering. In many situations, our B2B clients have not approached a content strategy or plan because they are focusing on key operational tasks and challenges. ProfitOptics can help you develop and architect a smart and efficient content strategy that your team can execute on. While we may not be able to develop the content for you, we can help you create a smart plan that integrates with your platform and your goals to help you launch your marketing efforts in a cohesive and holistic way.

Social & Email Integration

Integration is key to your marketing activities. We will ensure that you have complete integration to all of your relevant social channels (including embedded videos) and that your email marketing platform is also connected to your website. We have a complete inventory of transactional emails waiting to be configured and can work with you to ensure all of your communication vehicles are seamlessly integrated with your site. We are also experienced with developing custom opt in/opt out screens so your customers have strict control over communications, whether they be marketing or specific-to-order data.


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