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Many of our clients hear “data modeling” and their eyes narrow. What does it really mean, and do you really need it?

Well, if humans have managed your data for any length of time and you haven’t looked at your data at a macro level, data modeling and assessing your current situation can give you invaluable insights. Data modeling is the practice of defining and analyzing data requirements that are essential to supporting the business processes and corresponding data systems. We can help you find the data gaps, the data opportunities, and the ways you can structure your data to enhance your strategy.

Our data modeling experts focus on well-defined techniques, practices, and standards to create a thorough data architecture strategy to equip your business with a standard, consistent, and predictable approach to data that can be leveraged across your enterprise.

Once the modeling and report are complete, we work with our clients to integrate data into their system of choice, whether that be a standalone PIM system or our POCommerce platform. We can help your business find the best data structure to yield optimal results.

Here is a sampling of what is included in our data modeling service:

  • Data analysis and assessment
  • Data strategy
  • Data governance process
  • High-level product data normalization
    • Attributes
    • Categorization
    • Taxonomy

With a variety of different applications, databases and data warehouses, many businesses find their data inconsistent and complicated. This can lead to confusion, inaccuracy, mistrust, and faulty decision-making within a business. Without a correct understanding of the interrelationships of systems, your business is losing money and opportunities. Don’t rely on a quick fix or multiple systems for data information. Set your enterprise up for success with accurate, reliable data through a data modeling strategy.


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