About Us

About Us
Real Software, Real People, Real Results.

Let us help you solve business challenges with innovative software solutions.
Located in Richmond, VA, we are a software development and IT consulting company dedicated to creating a business that does the right thing. We are focused on helping our customers and our staff grow.

With an emphasis on .net technologies, the ProfitOptics team has developed over 50 tools allowing decision makers to be more efficient and effective. A majority of our clients are leaders in their industry. They have chosen us and continue to rely on us because we understand business to business companies and their drivers and models.

As a leading data intelligence provider, we are transforming the way businesses unlock insights, make decisions, and create efficiency. From recovering rebate dollars to developing eCommerce solutions to building a more impactful pricing architecture, we bring organizations clearer sight lines to the information that’s most relevant to their success.
What ProfitOptics' Customers are saying...
  • "They increased the efficiency and effectiveness of my salesforce!"
  • "ProfitOptics gave me the playbook to increase my gross profits in unexpected ways."
  • "They opened our eyes to money we were leaving on the table."
  • "Our business growth is fueled by ProfitOptics!"
  • ProfitOptics was recently recognized as being one of the Top 5000 fastest growing companies in the US in 2018 by Inc.com.

    With a 3 year growth of 124%, ProfitOptics secured a rank of #3179 on this list of thriving and successful small businesses. This is our fourth year in a row being recognized by Inc.com!