Supply Chain

Supply Chain
Your job is to get things from one place to another, while providing an excellent customer experience and simultaneously driving profit to the bottom line. Let our technology help get YOU where you need to go.

We know improving a process or a control by even a percentage point can mean millions of dollars to your bottom line. We know you are good at your job, but what if you could layer on a tool that could get you one step closer, and wouldn’t tax your resources?

Our automation and IIoT capabilities can also help you modernize your distribution facilities to improve resource management and operational capacity.

ProfitOptics has decades of supply chain management and analysis, and we are ready to help you modernize your data and monetize it.

  • Rebate Check
  • Inventory Management
  • Track and Trace
  • Industries:

  • Healthcare Distribution

  • HVAC & Plumbing Supplies

  • Office Supplies Distribution

  • Food & Grocery Distribution

  • A Supply Chain Case Study Snapshot
    The client needed a solution that could merge their data sets smoothly, reduce the amount of resources being wasted, and minimize the overall level of error.
    30 day process → 3 day process
    50+ people → 1 person
    Error rate of less than .05%
    ProfitOptics implemented their specialized SmartMatch solution to automate their manual matching and to significantly decrease the error rates produced by the process.
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