Information Technology

Information Technology
Your job is uptime and providing innovative solutions while controlling your cost center. Let ProfitOptics help you introduce modernization, automation and innovation without compromising your primary objectives.
Our solutions can help you serve up efficiency and profitability on top of your existing operational excellence. And our background in IT executive leadership can support your goals in growth, while controlling the bottom line. We partner every day with CTO's and CIO's on their long term road map and goals - identifying key systems and solutions that can help them deliver results to the business. Merging data sets, building pricing engines, information management and MDM and PIM support are all part of our core competency. We're here to support your goals and your organization.

  • Digital Transformation
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  • Industries:

  • Healthcare Distribution

  • HVAC & Plumbing Supplies

  • Office Supplies Distribution

  • Food & Grocery Distribution

  • An Information Technology Case Study Snapshot
    Our client's current process required over a dozen manual steps to process one user. Scaling the business would require spending thousands of dollars on recruiting and onboarding expenses. The client was in need of a solution that allowed them to efficiently process users and tests on a daily basis.
    10x increase in revenue over 5 years
    ProfitOptics developed and actively manages the web-based ERP that powers the company to efficiently and accurately process 10,000+ users and tests every day. The solution is tightly integrated with external systems, thus enabling an efficient and accurate hand-off of data.
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