Smart Utility Meters

Smart Utility Meters
Our ITHENATM Smart Utility Meters are original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agnostic offer a 200+ meter range and a smart controller for manual controls and interventions.
  • OEM Agnostic
  • Data Agg.
  • 200m + Range
  • Smart Controller
  • F/OTA
  • Compatible across OEMs
  • Retrofit design
  • Integrated with Meter Data Management
  • Mobile & PDA compatible
  • On-Demand reports
  • Silver Spot, Magnetic, Pulse Integrated
  • Long Range (LORA), LRPF, Narrow Brand of Internet of Things (NB-IoT) Connectors
  • FCC Compliant
Smart Utility Meters bring real time information to utility consumption for homeowners and utility companies. While the existing analog meters used across many utilities today can capture usage over a period of time, utility companies are looking for better, real time usage data to provide a more transparent experience to their customers and to optimize production to match peak usage times.

Smart Utility Meters also allow for remote meter reading, and thus more efficient resource deployment for utility companies and potential real time visibility to consumers so they can mitigate usage and spend.


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