Smart Traffic Lights

Smart Traffic Lights
Our ITHENATM Smart Traffic Lights are feature rich, including vehicle detectors with signal optimizers, smart controllers for manual control and they are designed to last no matter the weather conditions in your city. Let us help your modernization efforts towards becoming a true Smart City with ProfitOptics and ITHENATM technology.
  • Vehicle Detector
  • Signal Optimizer
  • Smart Controller
  • Smart Signaling
  • Black UV-stable polycarbonate material
  • Anti-corrosion & impact resistant
  • Tool-free design
  • Optical swivel system
  • Sun visor injection molded from Polyethylene WNG14
  • Lens manufactured from polycarbonate material
  • SANS 2004 spec compliant
  • Scalable Traffic Controller
While only 3% of traffic lights in the US are currently smart, the results are already proven and enticing to city planners. In an experiment conducted by Carnegie Melon in Pittsburgh, they saw as much as a 25-30% reduction in travel time throughout the network of smart traffic lights. According to the study, this was more about reducing the number of times people had to stop, rather than helping them go faster.

While a primary benefit to implementing intelligent traffic lights is certainly the improved travel time, there are also a number of other benefits including reduced vehicle emissions, accommodating people with disabilities who need more time to cross intersections, less speeding, fewer accidents, better controls to support emergency vehicles in busy cities and improved function in bad weather. In fact, when an entire network is activated, smart traffic lights with sensor technology can help city planners and managers improve efficiency and safety while also monitoring for malfunctions, replacements and uptime.


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