Intelligent Automation

ITHENATM Can Bring Intelligent Automation to Your Business
Intelligent Automation
Manufacturing has employed robotics to improve productivity for years. Now, as the cost of robotics drops, this kind of automation is more accessible businesses worldwide. ITHENATM's platform and technologies can help you strategize around Intelligent Automation, bring your data sources together, and leverage them to power efficiencies that will drop profit to your bottom line.
An Intelligent Automation Case Study Snapshot
Energy, Oil & Gas
Our client, an energy company, needed a complete platform that could establish remote connectivity and absorb multiple data sources of all kinds with a reporting output for operations and central site management.
To address our client’s challenges, we implemented an IoT platform integrating multiple data sources.
Our IoT platform was able to capture sensor data from Rig (sub-second data), store data locally for operations & site teams, store streaming data & historic sensor details, and more.


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