Industrial IoT

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Industrial IOT
Are you looking to prototype and prove unique IIoT integration points? ITHENATM along with our team of consultants helps bring best practices, the most effective platform conversation and systems integration expertise for your initiatives. Whether working with your end customers or building an integration with a product idea - connect with us first for ideation and proof of execution!
An Industrial IOT Case Study Snapshot
Food Services
For the food industry, especially commercial refrigeration, uptime is critical to protect product and assets. Our client needed technology to raise CSAT (customer satisfaction) rates while optimizing workforce usage by increasing productivity and profitability.
To help our client raise CSAT and optimize their workforce, we implemented smart sensors and the integrated ITHENA platform. These solutions allowed for improved visibility across the network of commercial refrigerators.
The Platform was able to improve asset uptime, improve CSAT, increase service profitability and automate service delivery led to reduction in service completion time & costs.


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