Magento is widely known to be one of the most popular and robust eCommerce platforms available. Now owned by Adobe, Magento first came on the scene in 2008 and has now grown into one of the top three leading platforms in eCommerce.

We chose Magento as one of our key platforms based on a number of key features we knew would benefit our customers and clients.
There is both an open source version for entrepreneurs and an enterprise version for large business.
  • At ProfitOptics, we like to have options for our clients – and they range in size from exciting startups to large scale Fortune 1000 companies who need serious eCommerce platforms and licensing. Having both of these options from Magento means that we can guide our clients to the right sized platform for their business and eCommerce presence rather than the one size fits all option we have found with some other platforms.
  • Our b2b clients are also highly creative, so having an open source option for creative implementations and development is ideal. We have b2b eCommerce customers just launching their eCommerce or omni channel strategy, and flexible licensing can be key to affordability. Magento isn’t the least expensive platform, but it is worth the investment no matter which licensing option fits your business.
Magento is designed to scale.
  • The original Magento architects developed the platform to be one that can evolve over time. This means you can immediately start driving revenue with a smaller scale eCommerce presence and grow and expand it over time to meet any need you can come up with.
  • Now that Magento is owned by Adobe, the integration and leverage of a large scale creative company means the sky will be the limit. Additionally, with a large partner program and community, Magento has thousands of extensions that can customize the platform to a client’s various needs. Able to run multiple websites with varied product lines, it really can stretch to fit almost any b2b business, and we can ensure that it integrates with your PIM or ERP.
  • ProfitOptics is in the process of publishing several extensions, specific to b2b eCommerce in order to help more businesses leverage the platform effectively for their b2b commerce needs.
Magento is always focused on SEO.
  • That platform was designed from its outset to support a strong organic presence in the search engines. From the basics, like custom URLs and metadata, to mobile friendliness, Magento has been consistently dedicated to removing obstacles for their customers to maximize the benefits of SEO in their commerce pursuits.
  • While many of our b2b clients initially downplay the importance of SEO, thinking that it’s primarily a game for b2c sites, these SEO features are critical to our b2b clients capturing market share. Our goal at ProfitOptics is to support balanced web traffic driven by direct visitors (traditionally a b2b strength), organic traffic driven by the Search Engines, and referred/social and email traffic to secure success. Thus, having an SEO focused platform is critical to the overall digital strategy you implement.
It is highly customizable.
  • Truthfully, this can be a pro and a con on an eCommerce platform. We love a platform that can be customized but it can be overwhelming if you don’t have a partner to help you navigate through the process. Still, for ProfitOptics, Magento being customizable is ideal – it means that we can listen to your needs and leverage as much out of the box (OOTB) functionality as possible before we start further customizing for your needs. Magento takes design changes in stride with flexible html and CSS options and almost every feature can be turned on and off. Wading in is not for the faint of heart but the complexity and options of this platform align perfectly with the kind of options and service we like to provide our clients.
If you have been reviewing options for your eCommerce presence online, and are interested in evaluating and pursuing Magento as your b2b platform, contact ProfitOptics today and let us help you identify your needs and if this platform is the right fit for your b2b business.


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