Our mission is to transform your ideas into a differentiated advantage.

Stay connected with your customers through a tailored customer relationship management (CRM) platform. ProfitOptics ensures that you and your sales force have a platform that can handle interactions with current and/or potential customers.

Our CRM solutions are tailored to improve your business relationships with customers, specifically focusing on customer retention and ultimately driving sales growth. Customers are the key to success, so let us help you manage your relationship with them.




Contact Management

ProfitOptics’ CRM platform has the ability to manage all your customer’s contact information in once place.


Pipeline Management

ProfitOptics creates a custom workflow to manage a sales representative’s pipeline. Examples of such workflows can be generic opportunities or quoted opportunities. This tool is molded to your business process.


Sales Reporting

Have customer sales reports at the tip of your fingers. All sales data is in a centralized location, making it a one-stop shop.



Help sales representatives with easy quoting for customers. Our customized quoting tool also ties into your ERP to make placing orders more efficient.


Ordering and billing status

ProfitOptics’s CRM platform has the capability to allow sales representatives to quickly check ordering details for their customers as well as billing statuses.


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