Workflow Automation / Digital Transformation

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Workflow Automation

ProfitOptics loves helping our clients increase workflow automation by leveraging customer data and buying patterns to increase margin, wallet share, and digital reach to help their companies grow.

Relentless demands on businesses mean that processes need to change frequently in order to keep up. When you try to meet these demands quickly, the changes made to processes are often done quickly, with manual work-arounds. If everything works perfectly (i.e. the person doing the manual work is not sick, is able to complete all their tasks on time, with no interruptions, and with 100% accuracy), then the perception is that all is well.

But as the business grows, these accumulated manual work-arounds create bottlenecks and stress on the business.  If these go unattended, business process can suffer from what may simply be an annoying error to larger issues, like not being able to process a customer’s order at all.

We see all of this as opportunity. It is an opportunity to re-engineer, to re-design with the purpose of eliminating manual steps, and, equally importantly, to enrich the process by providing better information to decision makers.

Digital Commerce

We approach eCommerce a little differently.

After years of experience working for and with some of the largest manufacturers and distributors, our team has developed a solution that solves some of the most aggravating eCommerce challenges: unscalable platforms, poor integration, and shaky product data.

Our custom B2B eCommerce solutions, based on our POCommerce platform, bring together customer experience and sales enablement to empower your B2B business with scalable tools and collaboration. With our strength in data and analytics, we can help you drive growth, margin, and operational efficiency. Your goals are our goals.

B2B resisted eCommerce for a long time. However, as buyers get younger, they want to place orders (and especially reorders) online, and they expect a B2C level experience. We leverage our extensive sales and marketing experience in startups to Fortune 10 companies to design the most cost effective, customer-centric solutions. We also leverage our proprietary platforms and product enhancement skill to increase time to value.

We listen, we question, we help you collaborate, and then we rapidly execute, creating business value with every step.


Our POCommerce platform is a full-service eCommerce and sales order solution. Let us customize POCommerce for your B2B business. Feature-rich and customizable, our scalable platform can grow with you.

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Our digital services solve the array of common issues we find our clients facing as they expand online, including data enhancement services (PIM), digital strategy development, and custom ERP connectivity solutions.

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Our eCommerce partnerships—on both the platform and the tool side—bring even more value to our clients’ businesses. We select our partners based on the quality of their product and the consistency of their support.

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