Sales Operations

Sales Operations
Sales Operations
Sales operations are the core of business, and having the right tools to manage them is the key to success. ProfitOptics provides a variety of tools that can help you drive your business to achieving an overall higher level of productivity.

  • Cross Reference: Our data cross-reference capability is one of our greatest strengths. We have taken this capability and created several standalone tools that can be integrated into your system or leveraged for specific initiatives. Cross Reference is a database that provides access as we all store competitor information.
  • Item Conversion: To drive margin, many organizations identify preferred items on which their sales force and marketing teams should focus. We can help you identify these items based on our pricing and margin intelligence and then incorporate them into reporting, dashboards, or quoting tools to drive conversions and improved margin for your business.
  • Competitor Pricing Intelligence: Our tool allows you to pull in competitor pricing on items into a dashboard environment or into your quoting tool environment.
  • Quoting: Our quoting system is fast and efficient, no matter the size of the catalog or number of quotes you generate. The smooth user interface allows you to easily build and clone quotes that tie in pricing rules, available inventory, item substitution and conversions, and are able to tie into any ERP.


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