ProfitOptics Smart Match

We believe you get out what you put in – clean data is key.

Smart Match is a highly configurable matching platform that enables companies to:

  • Match our client customer data to the client trading partner customer data
  • Dedupe client customer data

Smart Match combines sophisticated algorithms and machine learning with an easy-to-use interface to achieve 97-98% accuracy, precision, recall and F1 scores.  To the data scientist, these scores are extremely difficult to achieve.  To the business, this translates to maximum matches with minimized false positives.

Below is a summary of some of the key features and corresponding benefits:

Flexible data input templatesConsume, normalize and cleanse input data in almost any format
Configurable playbook settings


Match millions of records leveraging the power of data science and computing power, to calculate trillions of atomic operations in hours – something impossible only a few years ago
Customizable filters


Efficiently manage corner cases to ensure the highest possible match coverage
Collaborative interface


Quickly validate and confirm proposed matches (and to continually improve the “learning” of the machine)
Integration with 3rd party and GPS dataIncreased accuracy and precision


Set up scheduled, repeatable processes (from import to processing… to cleansed, finalized output)

Smart Match is leveraged by ProfitOptics clients as either software as a service (SAS) or a service (where the ProfitOptics team manages the entire process).  Our address matching and deduplication solution can be implemented as a standalone tool or can be integrated with the client’s application via an API.

Exception Management

The exception management interface allows the user to quickly isolate outliers for approval or rejection leveraging a variety of sorts and filters.


Rules are managed through the Playbook page. Rules can be optimized to achieve both the greatest match possibility, with the highest accuracy.


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