ProfitOptics Prospect Targeting

You give us the numbers, we’ll do the calculations.

Prospect Targeting is a highly configurable geography-based application that evaluates prospect data across two dimensions to score each individual prospect in terms of strategic attractiveness:

  • Warehouse Network
    1. Readiness
    2. Driving Time or Distance
  • Prospect Network Density

Administrators can adjust levers to widen or narrow the radius and associated score of each dimension.  Users can interact with the results in several ways:

  • Interactive Tabular View by Warehouse
  • Interactive Map View
  • Full Detail Export
  • Ranking Export

Below is a summary of some of the key features and corresponding benefits:

Centralized Data ManagementDownload a blank template or current data in template format

Upload refreshed data with data quality checks and meaningful error messaging

Configurable PlaybookPrioritize the possible warehouse capability statuses

Customize the radius and rank associated with each warehouse capability

Designate the proximity and rank associated with self-defined prospect density levels

Interactive Tabular View by WarehouseView rank distribution by warehouse capability and location in order to identify high potential warehouse conversion opportunities
Interactive Map ViewVisualize prospect geospatial relationships in order to identify high potential neighborhoods or drive paths

Navigate throughout the map and click specific locations for details

Full Detail Export


Export prospect-level details including address, activity, latitude/longitude, warehouse network factors and score, prospect density factors and score, and final rank
Ranking ExportExport account ID and rank for purposes of loading into independent presentation layer (ex:
Audit Log


Ability to access previous data uploads

Visibility into playbook changes made over time


Whether you are looking to evaluate your warehouse network for expansion opportunities at the corporate level or plan your day by creating a call list, our Prospect Targeting Tool is the starting place for your analysis.

Targeting Playbook

The playbook configuration interface allows the user to easily identify the appropriate priorities and adjust the ranking levers accordingly.

Interactive Map

The interactive map view displays the warehouse (aka ETC) network, the prospect ranking distribution, and the physical location of each.  Below is the detail that is displayed when the user clicks on a particular prospect pin; these details provide visibility to the outcome of each ranking evaluation and its associated contribution to the prospect’s overall rank.


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