Prescriptive Analytics

Our vision is to elevate the art of possible.


The passion to transform data into value is in our DNA.

During uncertain times in late 2008, our founder, Tony Pericle, struck out on his own, sure of only one thing: his ability to transform data into profit.

As a thought leader on the topic of analytics, Tony was asked by the National Association of Wholesale Distributors to author their first book on the topic of Analytics: Transforming Data into Action: Using Analytics for Better Distributor Sales Decisions (2010).

Tony has mentored a team of over 100 software engineers and business analysts on how to capture, consolidate and enrich data, apply rules to that data, and create precise, actionable insights that drive order-of-magnitude results for our clients.

The data-driven solutions architected by Tony and the ProfitOptics team have been the driving force in generating over $1B in profit. 

The primary goal of business is profit. While there are many levers that contribute to profit, the most profitable companies know how to leverage and display that data in meaningful and collaborative ways.

Our team has over 1,000 years of cumulative experience in solving complex data and process challenges in a variety of industries. Our experience has enabled us to create a highly configurable platform that allows us to quickly adapt to the unique challenges of each of our clients.

The path to turning data into meaningful insights can be daunting. Finding the right partner to help chart a pragmatic course is essential. ProfitOptics has helped its clients improve their business results with improved data transformation and aggregation practices by order of magnitude.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss with you how we can be a catalyst to see your data differently.


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