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ITHENATM - Smart AI Solutions
Our division, ITHENATM, is a one-of-a-kind end-to-end provider of sensor, communication, data platform, & actionable workflows for smart infrastructure, smart products, and smart factory deployment.

ITHENA Solutions
Connected Products:
The ITHENATM connected products, or products that are connected to and can be controlled via the internet, are part of our innovative Exchange to Exchange (E2E) infrastructure. The ITHENATM platform enables connectivity, data management, analytics and predictive outcomes of smart device enablement, sensor fitment, and much more.
Smart Cities:
From street lights to stop lights, our technology can help you by collecting and aggregating data efficiently, no matter where you are on the smart city path. A smart city is an urban area that uses different sensors and leverages Industrial IoT products to collect data and manage its resources more efficiently. ITHENATM applications have been used in small and large municipalities to get them on the path to technology and efficiency.
ITHENA Services
Industrial IOT:
Are you looking to prototype and prove unique IoT integration points? ITHENATM, along with our team of consultants, helps bring best practices, effective platform conversation, and systems integration expertise for your initiatives. Whether you're working with your end customers or building an integration with a product idea, connect with us first for ideation and proof of execution.
Intelligent Automation:
Manufacturing has employed robotics to improve productivity for years. Now, as the cost of robotics drops, this kind of automation is more accessible businesses worldwide. ITHENATM's platform and technologies can help you strategize around Intelligent Automation, bring your data sources together, and leverage them to power efficiencies that will drop profit to your bottom line.
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