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Rebate Check
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We already know that you're good at securing rebates. Beyond profitability, it’s how you stay in business and grow.

In fact, our partners run between 94-98% of coverage in securing their rebates. But, just like in the distribution centers themselves, a 94% fill rate leaves opportunity on the table. This is a true industry challenge--a complex data puzzle that requires dedicated resources to solve.

In fact, we know from experience that everyone has a gap. And we can help you close it.
Double Check is a Best Practice You Already Use
We know that, as distributors, you have a double check desk for the packages going out the door. That’s how you get to those impressive 99.9% fill rates. Well, we will be your Rebate Check Desk.

Things we know from our experience:
  • Data errors and duplicates run from .5%-5% across all databases.
  • Matching technology is complicated and requires constant tuning, and we’ve been focused on it for years.
  • Maintaining systems to keep up with the moving targets of GPO rostering, shifting contracts and imperfect data to find the right rebate is hard.
What is the Potential Opportunity?
Depending on top line revenue, typical % of capture, and average cost differential, our typical client can secure additional rebate $ equivalent to .5%-1% of their top line revenue.
This is the ultimate good guy for your bottom line every year.
How does it work?
Our Rebate Check Desk is an algorithm, a process, and a tool.
We will audit your data and work with your team on initial setup, tuning, and training. While we need some resources up front, your resource lift will diminish while your profits and rebate matches will grow. You can leverage our findings to improve your customer and contract masters to make your operations more effective. As this process matures, we continue to provide value each year we partner. We can even work with you on a beta pilot to prove our capabilities.

Smart Match
As a key component of our Rebate Check process, we give you SmartMatch--a ProfitOptics tool supplying you with the most efficient way to align your data.

Through SmartMatch, we have developed a technology that can help your data match in a much more efficient way by speeding up the process and reducing resource usage. By leveraging SmartMatch, our clients can quickly move on to the more important work of optimizing pricing accuracy, improving operational efficiency, and profitability.

We look forward to partnering with you on driving profitability!


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