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Native Platform Pricing Functions

Online pricing for B2B businesses is one of the largest puzzles to solve. Businesses have complex tiers, or even customer-specific item level pricing, which can create millions of options, depending on the size of the product catalog and the customer base. ProfitOptics is well-versed in highly complex pricing scenarios; in fact, it’s where our core consulting business was born. So, naturally, solving complex pricing scenarios is also a significant strength in our POCommerce platform.

Pricing can be visible or hidden to non logged-in customers at any time. The POCommerce platform can also be configured with a “base price” logic, as well as visible custom prices, based on how you implement and maintain pricing for your customers.

The POCommerce platform can connect to the pricing available in your ERP of record (or to a pricing engine platform) or pricing rules and logic can be built into the platform itself.

Advanced Pricing Engine

The POCommerce Advanced Pricing Engine is customizable to your needs. Our team can build a custom pricing engine leveraging your data, and the POCommerce platform can display a number of key metrics to your sales team, including last price paid, margin, items on contract, and items on special. Because of our expertise in pricing intelligence and analytics, this engine can be iterative, pushing more guided insights out to the POCommerce platform as the strategy evolves, keeping the sales team and customer views aligned.


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