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Platform Roles for POCommerce

The POCommerce platform has the native ability to assign multiple types of roles, from Customer to Guest to Administrator. These functions are available with simple configuration and can be used to ensure the right end user sees the right functions. Roles can also be used to designate market segmentation and to drive external customer experience.

Department Roles with Custom Functions

Our POCommerce platform has an advanced module for roles in the case that a business requires multiple platform users that may need specific functions attached to their role. For example, once a credit application is complete, many businesses prefer to hide those sensitive documents from most users. In cases like this, we can configure a specific finance role with visibility controls for extra-secure protection within the POCommerce platform.

Likewise, if a customer chooses to employ advanced order processing or internal order approval processes, special sales support, customer service, and additional roles can be enabled with advanced functions and access to those modules and screens. Whatever your role-related needs are, the POCommerce platform is flexible and customizable.


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