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Customer Onboarding Field Customization

The B2B customers with whom we work often struggle with the same processes—and customer onboarding is at the top of the list. Customer onboarding is critical; not only can process improvement free up internal resources for other tasks, but by leveraging eCommerce platforms for customer onboarding, businesses can also standardize customer data and push time-intensive data maintenance to the customers themselves.

The POCommerce platform offers customer onboarding solutions that allow businesses to create rules around account creation for their online entity, including digital credit applications, custom B2B fields, and custom workflows. These are all tailored to a business’s needs and requirements.

The POCommerce platform allows for field customization and addition as well as mapping to your ERP or order processing system. Our platform can also hold order functions until accounts are approved, offering provisional views until staff has reviewed accounts or conducted internal processes.

For clients looking for more robust and custom solutions, we also offer additional development modules, including:

  • Document Repository
  • Custom Onboarding Workflow
  • Customer Onboarding for Complex Customer Hierarchy
  • Customer Onboarding Digital Credit Application
customer onboarding field customization

Document Repository

Most B2B businesses require B2B accounts to offer some kind of business licensing and/or credit application in order to secure their account. If a business needs customer licensure and/or supporting documentation, the POCommerce platform has a custom document repository that allows customers to upload relevant documents to a secure, shared environment to speed up account validation.

Our platform is a secure environment to hold sensitive and secure documents, but it’s not just a holding space. There are a variety of document features that you can utilize to get the most our of your POCommerce experience. For example, expiration dates can be attached to client documentation, which allows for proactive communication with clients for renewals. Additionally, documentation visibility can be limited and controlled by role within the platform. Whatever it is that you need done regarding client documents, our platform can help.

In order to improve communication, the POCommerce platform displays the same documentation to internal administrators and to the customer from their account. This module can also be integrated with our digital credit application solutions.

Document Repository

Customer Onboarding Workflow

The POCommerce platform has been customized for a variety of industries, including healthcare, which can have the most stringent requirements for customer onboarding and licensing. ProfitOptics has consulted with clients on their internal systems and processes to streamline their workflow by leveraging our platform.

For example, this can include additional data workflow pages, email notifications (internal and external), and multiple levels of customer “activation” throughout a process. POCommerce can configure email triggers (for internal departments and external customer communication) as well as multilayer approval statuses (account created but inactive, provisionally approved, fully approved without purchasing, fully approved with purchasing, etc.).

No matter the complexity of your customer onboarding process, ProfitOptics can help by configuring the unique POCommerce platform you need to support your business.

Customer Onboarding For Complex Hierarchy

Most B2B businesses have some larger accounts with more complex structures. These are typically referred to either as “Parent”/”Child” accounts or “Bill To”/”Ship To” accounts. Managing these accounts within the context of eCommerce and an ordering platform while enabling customers to self manage their account can be a big challenge, but one that offers significant benefits to the business. Adding or modifying “Child” accounts within a large account structure is complex, and the POCommerce team is experienced with these challenges.

In tandem with the platform customer hierarchy functions, we’ve built specialized functions that can be added to the platform to onboard “Child” or “Ship To” accounts onto a “Parent” or “Bill To” account. We can also integrate functions like address verification logic to reduce account duplication and data integrity issues. This can include workflows for approval and internal communication triggers to improve internal processes.

Customer Onboarding Digital Credit Application

Completing and renewing credit applications can be a headache for even the largest B2B businesses. Many of the digital signature platforms are prohibitively expensive, and, unless you’ve been doing it from the start, keeping track of credit applications (with dates and slews of other information) in a central repository can be a nightmare. Transitioning to a digital signature platform like this, while necessary, can place a huge administrative burden on your bottom line.

The POCommerce platform can integrate with a simple PDF digital credit application, customized to your business needs, to be digitally signed and subsequently stored at the customer account level. Based on your business’s complexity and budget, we can also work with you and an external vendor for a complete, automated solution.

Digital Credit Application


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