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The most critical component of your website is the information about the products you’re selling.

Your product assets is a component of your website that can influence everything—from marketing messaging to conversion rates and even search functions. Ensuring that your product data is clear and complete and that your attribution is specific and correct can drive not only revenue, but a tremendous amount of function.

ProfitOptics will help you determine the best product data strategy for your solution. Whether you need to configure and integrate a separate standalone PIM system or utilize the powerful product data capabilities within POCommerce, ProfitOptics can help make sure your product data foundation is sound.

ProfitOptics is well-versed in assessing unique data sets and recommending the right scalable solution for a company’s size.

We assess many aspects of your product data situation:

  • Number of SKUs in portfolio
  • Nature of SKUs (Are they simple or are they matrix items with multiple attributes like color, size, unit of measure, etc.?)
  • Single or multiple businesses, product lines
  • Inventory, item # churn
  • eCommerce platform of choice
  • Search engine technology
  • Size of IT or Master Data Management Team
  • Size and composition of product management team
  • Custom product lists (product lists custom-made for your customers based on their preferred items for easy reordering)

Why do these matter? Here are a couple of real-world scenarios and how they impact the ultimate decision.

If you have a lower number of SKUs, we generally recommend the simplest solution, which would be a native eCommerce PIM. This is especially true if your system has additional features that can help you more efficiently leverage the system you have chosen. For example, the nopCommerce native PIM application includes a powerful tagging solution which can help your users leverage search and guided navigation in different ways.

If you have complex matrix items, we recommend a deeper analysis of the native PIM system, as some eCommerce systems are not optimized for matrix items with consistently turning inventory. If you have items that have multiple sizes, colors, shapes, and units of measure, or items that are designed as individual items that you are grouping into families, the native eCommerce functions of systems like nopCommerce or Magento may not be sufficiently scalable. We can help you determine product attribution to size the right system for your needs.

If you have multiple businesses, it may be necessary to assess how you want the website(s) to function. Are you feeding to multiple businesses and multiple websites? Are you serving up vastly different product groups and categories? If so, the structure of your PIM needs to be strategic so that it’s not resource-prohibitive to IT and Product Management or you may quickly outstrip native eCommerce PIM systems.

No matter the complexity of your system, we can help you identify the ideal solution. Schedule some time with ProfitOptics today to talk through your needs. Let us help you find the right PIM solution for your business.

Here is a sampling of what you can expect out of our PIM solution:

  • PIM assessment & analysis (current)
  • Site analysis/audit
  • PIM strategy
  • Configuration
  • PIM deployment roadmap
  • Product data model & taxonomy framework
  • PIM governance model & process plan
  • Configuration
  • Data migration
  • Support

PIM Added Services

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