POCommerce Platform

The POCommerce platform brings together the best of a B2C-like digital customer experience and a tailor-made custom sales order entry platform. ProfitOptics has worked with dozens of national and regional distributors and manufacturers, and they face a number of common challenges:

  • Multiple systems and applications for sales and administrative staff to master.
  • Disparate data sources that are challenging to access, map, and leverage for business intelligence.
  • Completely different experiences for internal and external audiences (and different data sets feeding those experiences).
  • An ever-changing technology landscape and business model with an evolving customer base that requires an omnichannel business approach while still effectively serving existing constituent user groups.

Working with these customers and conducting analyses of multiple ERPs, eCommerce platforms, and solutions, we realized that there wasn’t an effective solution that could be customized to meet the needs of our clients. Yes, there were plenty of large-scale solutions out there, but many of them were too large, too expensive to customize, or incomplete, requiring two or more cobbled-together applications to achieve the end goal.

So, we built our own.

The POCommerce solution, based on the open-source nopCommerce platform, brings together the benefits of an extensible eCommerce solution with the convenience of a built-in sales order entry tool. ProfitOptics also offers specific B2B modules that can further enhance the platform, regardless of your business's complexity. Our a la carte methodology also allows us to support each business in building the platform they actually need, rather than simply selling a one-size-fits-all solution that does anything but.


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