Data Warehouse Portal

Data Warehouse Portal
Data Upload
The Data Upload tool allows users to use the portal to upload files directly into the database. The user can upload a file independently (if it is already prepared) or they can download the current file, make updates to the file, save the file, and upload via the portal. After the data is uploaded, the tool performs a complete refresh of the table. This type of tool is typically used for static reference data rather than transactional or frequently changing record sets.
Data Browser
The Data Browser provides complete visibility into the data tables and records, offers ability to query based on limited filters, and will display results in the browser or export them.

Users are able to directly access data via a guided user interface with the flexibility to write the query language directly if preferred. Users can interact with the results in the browser by sorting or adding additional filters. Users can also download the results of their query to an .xls file for additional flexibility.


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