Sales Decline Report
Our Sales Decline Report alerts sales reps of customers (Bill-To or Ship-To) that show a decline in sales over a selected time period (3, 6, or 12 months) relative to the prior period. This tool has the ability to measure decline based on dollar amount or percentages. Values are parameterized, allowing custom reports for each user. The tool also includes email notifications that can be set to a custom notification schedule (daily, weekly, monthly).
Trend Variance Analysis
Our Trend Variance Analysis report allows for slicing and dicing of sales history data, with ability to analyze the trend and variance of sales. This tool can be configured to specific attributes in the data with drill-through capability. Sales reps can zero in on their territories details to view customer, product category, and item-specific trends, steering them to the areas with the most opportunities. The data visualizations generated by this report highlight distinct customer buying statistics that can be extremely valuable when making business decisions.


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