Data Analytics

We see data differently.
Data Analytics

In an increasingly digital world, the smartest voice in the room might not be a person. Does your data readily provide you with critical information and valuable insights? Or does it demand constant attention simply to relay what has already occurred?

Technology and data management practices have evolved to provide businesses with the what, so what, and now what needed to highlight opportunities and make informed decisions.

See what our ProfitOptics business intelligence provides to our clients and how we could serve your data:

  1. Our data naturally and directly ties to our KPIs. Answers to questions such as, “How many customers do we have?” or “How much revenue did we make yesterday (or last week, or last month)?” are readily available, accurate, and undebatable.
  2. For a common metric (e.g. revenue, profit margin, item count, etc.), there is a single source and interpretation that is leveraged by everyone in our organization.
  3. Data flows and populates reports to produce current performance and contribute information and insights to key decisions.
So What
  1. Reports and included metrics are defined by and tie directly to business objectives (only).
  2. Data supporting business objectives can be categorized into performance tiers by predefined, quantifiable data thresholds.
  3. Data is organized with necessary context to ensure accurate and appropriate interpretation.
Now What
  1. Our data drives action. Decisions rely on supporting data.
  2. Our data suggests action. Defined leading indicators extrapolate informed future results.
  3. Our data feeds routines that learn and adjust based history and real-time activities.

The path to turn data into information and insights can be daunting. Finding the right partner to help set goals and chart a pragmatic course is essential. ProfitOptics has been helping clients measurably improve their business results with improved data practices for many years.

If you think ProfitOptics business intelligence would be a good fit for your business, reach out to us.
A Data Analytics Case Study Snapshot
Energy, Oil & Gas
The renewable energy industry faces an array of challenges, and in order to optimize wind farms and turbines, renewable energy companies need tools and technology to measure performance, function, external data, and more. Our client needed a big data solution to enable better servicing and business decisions.
To address our client's challenges, we created a “Big Data Platform," which includes real-time data from multiple data inputs, API integration into their ERP with failure codes, improved performance, enhanced data processing with new SAP HANA database, and improved facility monitoring.
The platform was able to reduce redundant processing, report times, and data base size.


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