Case Study: Fortune 250 Distributor

Custom Sales Tools
ProfitOptics’ ability to understand and quickly pivot to meet our business needs are unparalleled.  We have leveraged their technology platform and have 25 active modules empowering our sales teams to make better decisions on a daily basis.  The ROI on our investment is tracking at over 20X / year
Senior Director,
Business Intelligence
The ProfitOptics custom sales enablement modules lead to an annual 20x ROI on every $ invested with ProfitOptics.
The demands of a distributor sales rep are never-ending: grow sales and hold/grow margin! To manage all the initiatives using disparate tools and spreadsheets was a significant administrative burden. Users were also unable to see the whole picture or view supporting information, leading to inaction or ineffective decisions.
The ProfitOptics platform was installed with four modules. Given the highly flexible capability of our team and platform, the client turned to us to consolidate nearly every initiative that touched the sales rep. Sales reps actively uses 20+ unique solutions on a daily basis.
The ProfitOptics platform empowered the sales team to be more effective and efficient, leading to an annual 20x ROI on every $ invested with ProfitOptics.