ProfitOptics eCommerce Solutions

ProfitOptics + nopCommerce
Our team becomes YOUR team.
Our business team blends experience and out of the box thinking with critical skill sets for custom software development. We will come to the table to listen – to your model, your goals and your challenges.

ProfitOptics will then tailor an eCommerce solution that fits with your business now, but that is also ready to evolve with you.

We specialize in the business to business market and help create a custom, unique solution that will work for you. With our strong background in eCommerce, SEO & digital marketing, we can develop a solution that meets your needs and grows your online channels.
We use nopCommerce as our leading eCommerce platform which allows us to customize an eCommerce platform for your B2B business with solutions like customer onboarding, product taxonomy, ERP integration, and more. We fully leverage the out of the box features of nopCommerce and add custom modules and development to create a unique solution for your business.
Customer Onboarding
We offer customer onboarding solutions that allows businesses to create rules around account creation for their online entity including digital credit applications, custom b2b fields and custom workflows. These are all tailored to your business needs and requirements.
Payment Options
ProfitOptics can work with you to create online payment options for your b2b customers that work for the such as ACH, Credit Card, and (verified) Purchase Orders on Net 30/60/90 accounts.
We can customize pricing logic for business to business entities that allow businesses to hide pricing behind the login so only customers can see pricing. We can also help you architect a pricing engine that is driven by tiers, markets or additional business rules.
Customer Hierarchy
ProfitOptics can create customer hierarchy for b2b entities that allow for complex account structures – including corporate accounts and subsidiaries, or single accounts with multiple users that have different roles.
Product Taxonomy
We specialize in creating custom product taxonomy for business to business customers allowing more flexibility to compete in the market. We can work with you on product data augmentation and the creation of matrix items, depending on the need of your business.
Promotion Codes
We offer promotional code and solution development to be customized to your needs. Buy One Get One, Free Goods with Purchase, timebound campaigns tied to your sales rep activities are a few examples of b2b promotional codes we can help you leverage.
Customer Roles
If you have customers that need to do different things in your online store like ordering vs. handling billing, you can control which users can engage in which activities with our customer role customization.
ERP Integration
For our business to business customers, we can create custom ERP integrations that work for you leveraging EDI or custom API development.
Custom Product Lists
Your customers, or your sales force, can create custom product lists for your customers based on their preferred items for easy reordering.
Document Repository
If your customer requires licensure or supporting documentation for their b2b account, we have created a custom document repository, so they can upload relevant documents into a secure, shared environment to speed up account validation.
Custom Trigger Communications
With custom workflows and custom eCommerce functions comes trigger communications. We have full trigger email capabilities that can be customized to your design requirements and built into the platform to help your customer through any digital process.
Why nopCommerce and why it’s for you?
There are many ecommerce platforms and solutions to choose from when it’s time to replace or develop your online presence. Our ecommerce team has experience in many of these platforms and chose nopCommerce for our leading solution. We chose nopCommerce because of its robust code base, excellent feature set and thriving support community. Being in the business to business market, an eCommerce platform needs to fulfill the expectations of both your external customers and your internal stakeholders, and we believe the ProfitOptics nopCommerce platform will fit the bill.

Our business to business customers needs customization and solutions that will work for them, and nopCommerce enables that – providing a rock-solid code base (Yes, even our CTO has approved) that welcomes customization for a more tailored feature set. You can create a website and know it will work the way you expect.

Additionally, nopCommerce is easy to use. Some companies may have a highly skilled individual who is experienced with different CMS and ecommerce platforms, but the reality is, not every company has this or is able to dedicate staff. Typically, multiple teams contribute and handle the website of a business and the contributors have wildly varied skill levels. nopCommerce allows an advanced individual as well as a basic user to complete basic everyday functions. ProfitOptics also offers training to everyone involved to ensure your team can successfully use the platform to make your business thrive.
  • Mobile friendly & Responsive
  • Capable of supporting multiple stores or multiple sites
  • Supports multiple vendors and drop ship capabilities
  • Advanced Product Catalog Features
  • Product Comparison
  • Inventory Management & Triggers
  • Custom Pricing
  • Downloadable Products
  • Recurring Products & Orders
  • Returns
  • Featured, Sale & New Product Carousels
  • Bundles & Matrix Items
  • SEO Features (Sitemaps, Micro Data, Canonicalization)
  • Custom URL's
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Anonymous Checkout
  • One Page Checkout
  • Rewards System
  • Related Products
  • Discounts and Promotional Codes
  • Newsletters
  • Easy to use Content Management System
  • Gift Cards
  • Product Reviews and Ratings
  • Affiliate Management
  • Payment Methods (Credit Card, ACH, Purchase Orders) - Connect with over 50 providers
  • Shipping Features (Calcularion, Multiple Addresses, Estimates, Packing Slips)
  • Tax Features
  • Customer Service Features (GDPR Support, Wishlist, Authentication, EU Cookie Law, Security and Permissions)