Case Study: Drug Testing Firm (Emerging Market Leader)

Leveraging Automation
ProfitOptics is an incredibly important strategic partner. Their technical team provides us enormous flexibility to develop cutting-edge and highly differentiated technical solutions, which has powered our company to grow by a factor of 10 over the past 5 years.
Co-Chairman and CIO
For our client, the ProfitOptics partnership has facilitated a 10-fold increase in revenue.
Our client had over a dozen manual steps to process one user. To scale the business would require spending thousands of dollars on recruiting and onboarding expenses. They were left with the decision to either hire, train, and retain 100's of people, or collaborate with the right technology partner to automate their processes.
ProfitOptics developed and actively manages the web-based ERP that powers the company to efficiently and accurately process 10,000+ users and tests every day. The solution is tightly integrated with external systems, thus enabling an efficient and accurate hand-off of data. The system is relied upon by dozens of court systems around the country to manage random drug testing programs.
For our client, the ProfitOptics partnership has facilitated a 10-fold increase in revenue. For society, the client’s service reduces recidivism and improves patient outcomes.
Originally brought in as a strategic technology partner for one of our clients, ProfitOptics quickly moved from pricing projects to building sales centric solutions, including a differentiated funnel management solution that enabled a high degree of forecasting accuracy, within the CRM, with minimal effort from the sales team. This made the sales leadership more effective and tightened forecasting for the organization.

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