Tony Pericle

After earning his MBA, Tony started his career in medical supply sales, moving from rank 207 to 23 in three years. He did this using his passion, determination, and math skills (margin & pricing rules) while building customer relationships to blaze a different kind of trail to sales success. Combining his understanding of the sales rep psyche and of technology, Tony became a force multiplier in his subsequent corporate position that resulted in tripling company profit over a 3-year period. This driving force lead Tony to found ProfitOptics so he could bring this entrepreneurial and disruptive process to other companies. Tony prides himself in creating a company culture based on trust. He believes this generates inspiration—flashes of insight that produce order-of-magnitude value. Thanks to Tony’s first business partner, Aleksandar (our CTO), he and the rest of the ProfitOptics team are able to quickly transform ideas into reality. Tony is blessed with a wife who has always encouraged him to take calculated risks. He loves to be with his children (and their children). He is the primary caretaker to his intellectually handicapped brother Don, with whom he enjoys playing tennis.