Case study: Data Visualization

Our client’s industry, Healthcare Logistics, is complex, and requires a multi-dependent system that delivers high-quality data in order to be effective. Data standardization is labor-intensive and requires significant effort to maintain. Our client also found it difficult to perform spend analytics and problematic when identifying sourcing opportunities.
Upon completion of the Item Master cleanup, our custom data visualization application allowed healthcare providers to accurately track and compare spending, process new items to obtain enriched item information the Item Master, and easily create reports.
Our solution solved the labor-intensive process of standardizing data and allowed our client to save time and improve data, and saving opportunities.
Innovative business leads combined with phenomenal developers leveraging the “Optics” platform have lead to great results.
Our client was in a complex industry and relied on high-quality data to be truly efficient. Unfortunately, data standardization is labor intensive, requires significant effort to maintain, and is difficult to perform spend analytics. Our client was also challenged with identifying sourcing opportunities. They needed a solution to:

  1. Standardize and enrich data
  2. Highlight souring opportunities
  3. Gain insight on spending.
We worked with our client and built a customer facing application that allows users to see insights into category-level analytics, peer analysis and benchmarking, contract opportunities, item normalization insights, and the ability to offer custom item-add functionality with custom workflows. Our custom data visualization application provides an easy-to-navigate suite of reporting tools related to vendor analytics, item analytics, contract analytics, spend and benchmark analytics, utilizing a mix of intuitive data visualizations/charts and support data table views. Now the client’s users can choose to recreate their own report by easily selecting the fields and filters needed and having the ability to export those details in order to further analyze or act on.

ProfitOptics created a way for customers to upload and manually enter new item information and have data flow through our client’s system and provide an enriched item output that can be easily exported and added to a customer’s MMIS. This process has approval workflow as well to ensure proper approvals are captured along the way.
Our solution solved the labor-intensive process of standardizing data and allowed our client to: