Case Study: CRM

After acquisition, retire a legacy custom CRM used by a sales force and transition the force to a centralized instance by mimicking, as closely as possible, the old, custom-built solution.
Our solution was to work closely with the client to customize, tool that utilizes the latest technology to encompass the entire sales process.
Enabled transition of sales reps from custom platform to standardized SFDC instance after acquisition. Platform reduction for streamlined support. Time and human error reduction.
Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how valuable [ProfitOptics] was to the successful development of the Lab CRM to SFDC project! [ProfitOptics] really was the driving force on the development side in getting this project going. In addition, [they] were always easy to work with and seemed to always be keeping the customers in mind as we developed the tool. I just wanted to pass along my appreciation on how valuable [ProfitOptics] was to the success of this project!
The client, a large medical supply distributor, acquired an industry-leading laboratory supply business, a key segment into which the client wanted to grow. The lab business served their customers and managed their sales with a proprietary and custom-built CRM tool. While the CRM tool was feature-rich, the parent company sought to centralize all reps on their instance of SFDC and to retire additional tools to streamline future enhancements and uptime support and to improve sales force wide reporting. Their top business requirements included:

  1. Understanding the original CRM workflow and functionality to ensure it was rebuilt properly, including key functionality needed for this niche segment.
  2. Define new requirements to ensure sales team and the business further benefits from changing systems by finding missed opportunities.
  3. Ensure work is being completed in a timely manner and as close to the original functionality as possible to speed up the rep transition process.
  4. Design and develop Salesforce screens and workflow.
ProfitOptics helped to transition the client from the custom-built solution to SFDC and helped augment SFDC to fill the gaps in functionality. Our development team and salesforce business experts were able to mimic the custom built solution in and add some key features. The old solution also had some gaps--for example, it did not account for the entire sales process, which lead to missed opportunities. We worked closely with the client to ensure all aspects of the sale process was included to their needs. This new tool utilizes the latest technology to encompass the entire sales process. This includes:

  • Prospect capture, which the client was not previously using the prospect portion of Salesforce. This helps the sales team quickly identify new prospects and act on those quickly.
  • Quote generation
  • DocuSign templates for ease of signature
  • Order entry process
While SFDC has many OOTB features, the ProfitOptics team closely adhered to the workflow of a completely custom CRM, achieving a “best of both worlds” solution that offers the stability of SFDC and the custom features of the legacy CRM.

Our client’s favorite feature? Automation and autofill between steps. The new system will autofill as much information as possible, saving the sales representatives time and preventing human error in data entry.
Customer was able to migrate the lab sales force into their centralized SFDC instance without sacrificing key functionality from the custom CRM they had been using. This centralization allowed the organization to streamline reporting and application support.
Time and human error saved from rekeying orders, waiting for customers to sign documents (electronic signatures via DocuSign).
Revenue growth with move to SFDC for lab sales team
Improved process and support on new application.
Overall reporting accuracy from a company-wide view.