Business Team

ProfitOptics Business Team

Our business team blends experience and out of the box thinking with critical skill sets for custom software development.
Business Analysts
Our business analyst team combines years of experience with fresh approaches to problem solving. Talented at translating business needs into development requirements, they are the key to our success as a development company.
Our eCommerce team has worked across industries and with both business to consumer and business to business clients. With a strong background in eCommerce, SEO & digital marketing, they can develop a solution that meets your needs and grows your online channels.
Project Managers
ProfitOptics Project Managers love the details. They manage complex projects and initiatives leveraging JIRA and other toolsets that allow us to keep our teams on track while communicating effectively with our clients. We are all about transparency, and our PM's get the job done.
Data Analysts
Our data analysts bring years of experience decoding, untangling and assessing vast amounts of data to find the key to your business. ProfitOptics started as a data company, finding profit in your terabytes and today, it remains one of our best strengths.